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Thoughts on the 100th anniversary

The beginning of Yamatane

Yamatane was founded in 1914 (Taisho 3), and its predecessor, Ina Tanejiro, founded the pottery "Yamatane" in Maeda, Tokoname-cho (now Okujo, Tokoname-shi). Initially, the work of a "dough shop" who made dough for clay pipes. Drain the clay with a wooden mold and dry. We worked on the pre-process until it was placed in the "kiln" that has a firing furnace. Earthen pipes were used as sewer pipes.

Second generation hardship and growth

In 1948, the second generation took over. During the period of high economic growth, we decided to have our own firing furnace in anticipation of further increase in demand. However, the factory building, which was about to be completed due to the damage from a large typhoon, was completely destroyed. Still, the second generation did not suffer from the disaster and immediately resumed the restoration work, in the spring of 1956, obtained the long-sought firing furnace, established a system for the consistent production of clay pipes, and embarked on the "mosaic tile" in 1967. Has built a plant for "flower pots" at its current headquarters. Newly established tunnel kiln that can be mass-produced with more stable quality. The company name "Yamatane Ceramics" was changed to "Yamatane", which was a katakana that was rare at the time.

The times and changes came when I thought I was paving the way for business expansion. As the material of the flower pot changed from pottery to plastic, vinyl chloride pipes were used instead of clay pipes, and the second generation made a big decision to completely withdraw from the production department. Specialized in, we have devised measures to slim down. In Tokoname City, there are many pottery factories, and we believe that we can secure the necessary products without having to manufacture them by ourselves. As a result, we played the role of collecting pottery products from the pottery in the city and exhibiting them nationwide.

The current Yamatane

In 1989, the third generation opened its current large store. It was crowded with tourists visiting the Chita Peninsula by sightseeing bus.

Beginning around 1999, we began to focus on handling Maneki Neko as the store's signature product, and commercialized our original, Mansuke Neko with a gentle smile. We sell manekineko related goods.

​We are aiming to revive the Tokoname ware production area through cooperation with local businesses.


​We have changed the business format from manufacturing to wholesale according to the changes from the founding era. Behind the 100th anniversary of its founding is the foresight of its predecessor. In the future, we think that it is necessary to collaborate with other companies as well as experience-based services, eating and drinking, rather than just selling things. And in the era of flow, we opened a new online shop so that more people, both domestic and overseas, can easily pick up Tokoname ware. We would like to continue to liven up the production area of ​​Tokoname ware.


​4th President Yoshitaka Ina

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